Building a Library

Our family is a trio of book-lovers. We love reading all types of stories—both fiction and non-fiction. We get excited about researching subjects we know nothing about, learning new details about subjects we know more about, and sharing what we learn around our dinner table. A dozen years ago, Bill, Natalie and I started fantasizing about building a small library atop our garage. That fantasy is becoming a reality. As I type these words, I hear the builders arriving and beginning work. Our 1947 garage is in the process of being rebuilt, with a library on the second floor. And guess what? The wood from the old garage will become the library’s hardwood floor. I will be sharing with you the best things I learn while the building process goes on for six months. One exciting part of this project is that I found a wonderful advisor in the tiny house world, who has become an expert in healthy and environmentally friendly building techniques. 


  1. Avatar
    Suzanne DeCuir
    October 8, 2019

    So exciting to see the demo is done and the building is beginning. Very cool that the old wood will become the hardwood floor above. Looking forward to seeing the finished library!

    1. Pamela Beere Briggs
      Pamela Beere Briggs
      October 29, 2019

      We are so glad we thought to recycle the wood for the floor before the library was all done. Almost didn’t think of it.


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