Madeline Finds a New Home

Natalie went through some of her beloved toys and found her Madeline doll with suitcase of clothes, a barn/stable with animals, and some dinosaurs. Maisie, our cat, was intrigued and wondered if there were other things to be found in our hall closet. In the meantime, Natalie had written a letter to the family we call the “cute family” on the next corner asking if their little children might be interested in them. She received a reply that indeed they were quite interested. A day and time was agreed upon, and Natalie set the toys out on our garden bench (can you see them in picture?)

A little while later, the 5-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl arrived with their father. Within three minutes, Madeline was tucked under the little girl’s one arm, and the little girl marched off down our path with Madeline’s suitcase in her other hand, too excited to even wait for her brother or father. The little girl happens to have bright red hair so the sight of red-headed Madeline under her arm was delightful. Natalie and I were so glad we were standing by the window to see that wondrous sight, straight out of a storybook. Her brother followed with the riding stable and their father carried the big box, holding the barn and dinosaurs.

By the way, this delightful 1952 animation of “Madeline” is so charming, with classic animation and a lovely voice doing the voice-over. I love when Miss Clavel sits up in bed (twice) and says: “Something is not right!”

If you, or your little or big students want a fun writing assignment, ask them to write a story about 12 people or animals that go out and about, seeing this and that, with a serious adult who is along for the ride and says a funny line twice. Such a story might lead to discovery or laughter or a wonderful story to tell and tell again.

Here are the thank you notes that landed in our mailbox from our neighbor family.