Easy-Peasy Dutch Baby

From Pamela: Natalie came to the rescue of low spirits. For teatime, she baked a Dutch Baby Oven Pancake (plain and sliced apple is common, this one is with ricotta cheese). It helped our spirits.

From Natalie: This is how to make a simple Dutch Baby Oven Pancake. Iron skillet works magnificently. I melted a little less than a stick of butter in a large cast-iron skillet in the oven while it preheated to 425 degrees. In another bowl, I whisked together four room-temperature eggs, one cup of whole wheat pastry flour, one cup of organic whole milk (cream top vs. homogenized), and a half-cup of brown sugar. Then, I poured the batter into the melted butter (this time I spooned ricotta cheese into the middle but it is not necessary) and I popped it in the oven for 23 minutes. The pancake will puff up in glorious fashion and then the puff will suddenly unpuff into a delightfully delicious, easy to cut teatime or breakfast or dessert treat. Yummy with jam or applesauce or maple syrup.

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