Ms. April’s Potted Plants

During quarantine, Natalie illustrated a story I, Pamela, wrote for learners of all ages. I had been thinking for a long time about the ways in which we can show children how to appreciate their own unique qualities by noticing and appreciating the beautiful and unique qualities of plants and flowers. I wrote a story about how a creative teacher can nurture this throughout an entire year by simply bringing a guest — a different plant each week — into the classroom and sharing its unique characteristics and needs. The children come to appreciate each plant and each other.

It’s a picture book for young children to read/look at on their own or to be read aloud at home or in the classroom.

It can easily used as a multi-page greeting card for a beloved child or adult friend with this message you can handwrite inside:

You are unique. You are wonderful. You are beautiful.

You can purchase the book for $8 (includes shipping) in our Shop:

Ms. April’s Potted Plants is a 20-page picture book (for ages 3 to 103) written by Pamela Beere Briggs & illustrated by Natalie McDonald. It is inspired by the caring and creative teachers “who helped us grow.” Add a plant to the story and give the book & plant to a special teacher (or student). As Ms. April says: “Plants are like people. We are all unique.”

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