Pamela Beere Briggs is a writer and filmmaker who never forgot her joyful time in a Japanese kindergarten. It led her to believe that every child should have the opportunity to love learning. She will be sending missives from her home and backyard. Reading, writing and creating (films, stories, food & field-trips) are her favorite pursuits.

Natalie McDonald—the “happy guinea pig” who was homeschooled for 7th and 8th grade—graduated with honors from Pomona College in 2019. She continues to love learning as much as she did when studying in her backyard schoolhouse ten years ago.

Suzanne DeCuir is an artist who over the past 20 years has been a painter, but recently she began working with textiles. She and her husband are raising three daughters, adopted from China, who have inspired her most recent work “Life Jackets.” She finds time to make art in the left-over margins of the day and will be sharing bi-monthly stories about how she grapples with what she wants to say and how to show it. To see more of her work visit her at suzannedecuirfineart.com.

Judy Feuer Walden was in her late 40s, with a son and daughter in middle school, when she decided to return to school so that she could follow her 6th grade dream and become an elementary school teacher. During her decade of teaching, she taught kindergarten, 2nd grade and 3rd grade in a public elementary school. Judy’s essays will be published once a month as part of The Happy Guinea Pig.

Yuki Uwasawa is a healer who uses as her tools massage therapy and sound body healing. Yuki first experienced the healing properties of singing bowls in 2016. She explores the world via video haikus.

Sylvia is a filmmaker who also enjoys the tactile nature of arts and crafts. For her, art is a craft that takes rigor; and one that is also very calming, inspiring and an expression of faith. Through 2-minute, 2-hour, 2-day, and 2-week projects that anyone at any skill level can try, her posts will explore all the lovely things we can discover when we take the time to create.


Molly Antell is the Art Director for Two in the World. She is an illustrator and designer whose work has appeared anywhere from olive oil bottles to board games to posters. In her spare time, she likes drawing her friends’ cats as Elizabethan characters. Find more of her work at mollyantell.art.

Maisie & Jiji – The Two in the World cats-in-residence