Something Like a Sabbatical (DVD)


Long ago, Sue Mitchell wanted to be an artist. But she decided she didn’t have enough talent.Instead she became a businesswoman. 35 years went by. She took art classes in whatever spare time she had. Then the economy slumped. Seriously slumped. Business was slow. Really slow. There was no sign of recovery. But, there was time…  She will do the thing she thought she couldn’t do. Little does she know that a city park will become her classroom and 52 Montezuma Cypress trees will become her teachers. This story resonates now when we are all finding our lives turned upside down by COVID, seeking ways to deal with uncertainty during days in which our sense of time is strangely altered. The choices we make about how we deal with this time can make all of the difference.
The first 20 DVD buyers, will receive a free gift of a notebook, much like the one Sue Mitchell used to write down her thoughts and questions, with a photo of Tree #44.
Run Time: 25 Minutes
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